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what compass does

Social Impact at MAP is the impact entrepreneurship stream of the Melbourne Accelerator Program (MAP).

We inspire startup founders to think about their social impact and support impact entrepreneurs with the startup principles they need at all stages of the startup lifecycle.

our inspiration

After working with startups committed to social or environmental impact, MAP recognised the unique challenges these startups faced as they maximised their impact without compromising on financial sustainability. The team recognised the opportunity and founded Social impact at MAP.


what map does

Melbourne Accelerator Program (MAP) is the leading entrepreneurship program in Australia.  

MAP is proudly supported by the University of Melbourne. Since its inception in 2012, it has evolved into a program to help up-skill and connect entrepreneurs of all stages and support startups of all kinds.

MAP provides numerous programs to the wider startup community including mentoring workshops, public forums, Master Classes and entrepreneurship bootcamps.

our Accomplishments

44 Startups that have come through MAP have raised over $23 million in funding, generated $28 million in revenue and created over 300 jobs since June 2012.

MAP was ranked the number 8th Best University Business Accelerator in the world by the UBI Index in November 2015.