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Compass Masterclass - Business Models for Impact

How far have you got with your social startup idea - ready to put it on paper? The Business Model Canvas will quickly get you thinking about revenue, costing, channel partners, value proposition and those all important customers.

Bessi Graham, CEO of The Difference Incubator, has navigated the worlds of investing and social enterprise. This has given her incredible insight as to what it takes for a social startup to attract investment.

She will share why the humble business model is important to consider early, show you where social impact fits on the canvas, and illustrate how to gear your business model for scale.

About Bessi Graham

Bessi is the CEO of The Difference Incubator (TDi) and is the Co-Founder of TDi, Benefit Capital and the Impact Investment Centre.

For the last five years Bessi’s work has focused on helping unlock the power of impact investment and social enterprise. TDi and Benefit Capital do this through designing, delivering and securing funding for the necessary capacity building required to develop Investable Social Enterprises (ISEs) in order to tap “Private Capital for Public Good”.

Bessi was the inaugural Chair of the Social Impact Measurement Network Australia (SIMNA) and continues to explore the ways we can measure and communicate social impact more effectively. Bessi co-authored a report ‘Impact Measurement: Exploring its Role in Impact Investment’ with NAB’s Elliot Anderson which was launched in February 2015 with an Australian national roadshow of forums.

Bessi was engaged to design the NAB Impact Investment Readiness Fund (IIRF) based on her experiences as a practitioner in the sector and her recent review on the progress made by the UK’s Investment and Contract Readiness Fund (ICRF). Bessi was engaged to ensure the best chance of achieving the highest possible leverage of this catalytic grant fund to maximise the impact of the fund.

About The Difference Incubator

Their focus is on helping bridge the gap between social enterprises and impact investos through targeted capacity building. TDi believes that there is capital in the market that can be used for good if only we begin to develop business models that can pay for capital while delivering measurable social benefits.