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So You Want To Change The World... (A Fireside Chat)

Learn from the brightest minds in social entrepreneurship at a Compass Master Class.

This session will be a chance for you to listen to three startup founders who have geared their ventures for good and are addressing emerging societal issues.

  • Dave, CEO, Limbr - improves our mental health with online platforms and apps
  • Steve, COO, Phoria - captures our history and provides rehabilitative care with virtual reality
  • Shelley, CEO, Do It On The Roof - reduces our impact on the environment with green roof technology

These entrepreneurs have different backgrounds, startup journeys and business models. They will share why they advocate for the cause they do, how they choose to impact it, and discuss the trials and tribulations of getting started. 

Their journeys have been colourful, challenging, and character building. They'll help you navigate the pointed question - "so you want to change the world?"

The Speakers and their Startups

Dave Chung - Limbr

Dave Chung likes solving big problems. After problem-solving for clients in the corporate world he developed a problem with the corporate world itself - so he started a company to try and fix it. He reached over 150,000 people with his solution but in 2015 he had to exit the company under significant stress. That inspired him to try and solve another major problem - the mental health crisis. Limbr is a social enterprise on a mission to make mental healthcare more accessible and more acceptable, but using tech and startup principles to make maximum impact.

Shelley Meagher - Do It On The Roof

Shelley Meagher designs green roofs and the landscapes that surround them. Shelley is CEO of Do It On The Roof, a company that brings plant diversity and permaculture to the fore of green roofs in Australia and grows beautiful natural environments in our cities and suburbs’ rooftop landscapes. She has worked in the sector since 2011 and has directed and coordinated award-winning green design and construction projects. Shelley has won an award as an emerging leader in Australia’s green roof sector at the Creative Innovation Asia Pacific Conference of 2012. Shelley is a serial entrepreneur; in addition to Do It On The Roof, she began two other ventures from 2011 - 2013.

Steve Kounnas - Phoria

Steve Kounnas is co-founder and COO of Phoria, a Melbourne Accelerator Program (MAP) Alumni Company. Phoria is a Melbourne-based startup utilising emerging 3D technology to create interactive and immersive solutions for a broad range of applications and experiences. Their primary service offering, Scann3d, is transforming the way property is bought and sold online through the use of interactive 3D tours. Outside of property, Phoria have a strong focus on social good projects, working with National Trust to create four dimensional time capsules of Australia's iconic landmarks. Phoria continues to explore exciting applications of immersive media in medicine to help facilitate the recovery process through the use of virtual reality.