Polished Men of the Melbourne Accelerator Program

The Compass and YGAP's Polished Man Campaign

A huge plus of creating The Compass at the Melbourne Accelerator Program (MAP) is exposing the eight teams to the world of social enterprise. To this end, I've been busy forcing them to come to our Master Classes or encouraging them to help existing organisations where they can.

I say this with a smile because these startup entrepreneurs break the stereotype, taking the time to consider how they can contribute to social impact while they grow their businesses.

The campaign that has caught their attention is Polished Man by the social change incubator YGAP. Polished Man encourages men to paint one fingernail in October, to represent the 1 in 5 children who experience violence. Why nail polish? A video about a young girl named Thea explains the inspiration. Funds raised directly support children affected by violence, while also investing in preventative measures to help end children at risk of experiencing violence.

Hypetap Powers Polished Man's Social Media

Hypetap founders Nik and Detch.

Hypetap founders Nik and Detch.

The Hypetap platform connects brands with influencers. The startup has already driven huge campaigns, the most recent being for the phone giant LG. Knowing how much not-for-profits struggle to get their voices heard in today's noisy media landscape, I couldn't help but introduce co-founders Detch and Nik explained Hypetap to YGAP.

Hypetap is a key partner in the campaign, powering the outreach efforts of an impressive list of ambassadors. From sporting legends Tony Richardson and Josh Gibson to TV darlings Hamish McLachlan and Tai Hara.

"We were astounded by the statistic that 1 in 5 children globally will experience sexual and physical violence before the age of 18. Getting involved to help YGAP with the Polished Man campaign was a no-brainer.

Hopefully access to some of the world's most influential content creators on social media via Hypetap can help spread this extremely important message and help provide the much needed funds and awareness this cause deserves." - Detch Singh, Co-Founder Hypetap

Eira Biotech Paints a Nail for the Cause

Soon after co-founder and CEO Elliot Costello of YGAP came to speak at our first Master Class, Co-Founder of Eira Biotech, Steven Wibowo painted a nail, registered for the campaign and went to social enterprise restaurant Feast of Merit to celebrate! Steven is working on some serious stuff at MAP - Eira Biotech is a startup creating effective drug delivery pathways to the brain using nano-carrier technology. Steven has been involved in charity from a young age and the cause resonated with him.

Steven Wibowo (middle) and Johanna Tan (left) of the Eira Biotech team

"I'm from Indonesia and recognise it's a problem but didn't realise how the dire statistics are worldwide! I care a great deal about the welfare of children and became a Polished Man to raise awareness and show my support." - Steven Wibowo, Co-Founder Eira Biotech

As the program comes to an end for these startups now pitching in Silicon Valley, I'm sure they will find themselves connecting with the social enterprise industry here in Melbourne more and more. As always, I'm looking forward to making that next introduction.

Get involved at www.polishedman.com