Watch. Read. Do. episode 1

The Compass team has decided to bring you a little snapshot of the past two weeks in "Social Entrepreneurship world" - think Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, but less funny... and every fortnight.

Ok here it goes:


Yes, get ready for a TED talk! As a social entrepreneur, it's essential to know the social issue you advocate for in depth. Get as wide a point of view as possible: understand the issue's history and its economic and/or societal impact. Then, ask questions: the best are the kind that may seem obvious, but inevitably push the boundaries of your knowledge and your understanding of the problem you hope to alleviate with social entrepreneurship. This recent talk on addiction by Johann Hari shows just how far you may need to go to find those answers. 


Entrepreneurs tend to self identify with different groups - tech, social, start up, micro etc. Epic Foundation's CEO Alexandre Mars thinks it may be time to change the narrative. As we mentioned in a previous post, the social entrepreneur may not be all that different a beast!

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