A Startup for Startups

This is an interesting situation to be in - creating a start up for startups. At The Compass, we are creating a community for people to talk about, design and test their ideas for great social enterprises. The process began in early February and we are finally getting ready to show everyone what we've been up to.

Here is WHY we do what we do:

To align your values with your career path

We hope that the Compass will answer some of the burning questions asked by most - am I doing enough, am I making a difference, am I changing the world? We believe getting involved in the social enterprise industry has the potential to fundamentally change your worldview and streamline what you value with what you do. The Compass will provide the opportunity to get you in the room with people who either have similar questions, or who may hold the answers.

To introduce you to an already thriving ecosystem

There is so much happening in Melbourne's social entrepreneurship space. The Compass hopes to cut through some of the noise and help you access information from some of the coolest social enterprises and the dedicated firms that support them in an informal way. 

To get great ideas ready for 'MAP'

This sounds strange... but there hasn't been a social enterprise accepted to the Melbourne Accelerator Program. The tension between honouring social impact and creating sustainable business models has often been a critique of social enterprises. We hope to provide people with access to the master classes and workshops necessary to experiment, model and pitch their ideas and get them ready for MAP or other socially minded accelerators in Melbourne. 

We're almost ready to launch The Compass. It will no doubt evolve and change with your input - we are so excited to have you along for the ride!