Harnessing the (Socially) Entrepreneurial Spirit

The entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well at universities - ideas for the biggest companies we know today began in the dorm rooms of the most prestigious academic institutions.

At the University of Melbourne, the Melbourne Accelerator Program (MAP) backs some of the best ideas from students, staff and alumni and they have just welcomed another 8 teams to the fold. 

One problem...

There hasn't been a social enterprise accepted to MAP.

This is curious as universities have always been a place for thinkers, disruptors and agitators - people who are inspired to create lasting difference in the world. The growing network at MAP shows us that the entrepreneurial sprit is alive and well at the University of Melbourne. 

When it comes to the socially entrepreneurial spirt, there has not been the same catalysing force at the university and yet our alumni have gone on to do amazing things - creating the perfect toilet paperfashion design studio or rule-breaking incubator to tackle big social problems at home and abroad. Social enterprise is flourishing and we need to make sure those who want to contribute know how they can be a part of this new normal.

The life purpose of the true social entrepreneur is to change the world.
— Bill Drayton

We believe that the passion and drive illustrated by Drayton's quote is lived out each day by the alumni who have established thriving social enterprises. The same spirit can be shared with those who are willing to create, innovate and positively impact the lives of others on their journey.

The university is the perfect place to start.