Watch. Read. Do. episode 2

Here we go, our second edition. It's so hard to choose! This week we've found some "feel good" stories, world problems to think deeply about and of course, inspiration. Read on, then leave us some love with a like or a comment below.


The Streets Barber

Check out this beautifully produced mini documentary of talented barber Nasir Sobhani’s transformation of the homeless in Melbourne. It goes without saying that his story has made me very conscious of the impact I make in my spare time. Continue to get inspired by following his Instagram.


Poverty, Violence and Security

Episode 1 mentions the importance of a holistic view of the social issue you hope to tackle in your social enterprise, read this powerful infographic on the Reality of Violence Against Women. The TED talk inspired by this features Gary Haugen's passionate talk about the relationship between poverty, violence and security. This also happens to be an issue our friends at YGAP hope to grow awareness of through their campaign Polished Man.


Monday Motivation

Make Mondays your day for motivation - it’s so easy to get bogged down in lists as the week begins. Master Classes will be held at The Compass on Monday nights, sign up to hear more and make time for that passion project of yours.