Watch. Read. Do. episode 3

Our third edition covers everything from sage advice to examples of success that comes from determination and innovation. Read on for some great tips for young entrepreneurs, the latest crowdfunding projects we love and the Master Class we are excited to announce!


It's time for a pep-talk

"Look for hard projects and problems to tackle" - Heidi Rozen

We wholeheartedly agree with seasoned Silicon Valley entrepreneur, Heidi Rozen. Addressing social problems through business creates an extra layer of complexity. The world of social entrepreneurship can be challenging to navigate, but the rewards are amazing when you persevere. To help you along, build the soft-skills necessary for business success and a well-rounded life. 

This article reduces Heidi’s hour-long pep-talk to 10 key takeaways. From being your own advocate, to refusing to compromise ethics.

The video is long, so sit down with a glass of something to watch. When you’re feeling overwhelmed or uninspired, watch it again



Here, take my money…

Amazing crowdfunding campaigns are launched everyday, but some just take our breath away. Heidi McKenzie created the jeans in the picture below. They are designed especially for men and women in wheelchairs. Another campaign discussed in the office featured recycled fishing net glasses and smashed its funding goal in no time.

Alter Ur Ego - Jeans designed especially for wheelchair users

Alter Ur Ego - Jeans designed especially for wheelchair users

When done well, crowdfunding does more than just getting you cash. It creates a community of fan-boys and girls for your product/service and get you to the next stage of the grand plan. Our friends and new crowdfunding darlings .act have a slightly different way of approaching the industry and banking at large, find out how here.


Cancel Your Plans! (Unless you already have this in your calendar)

Elliot Costello's Master Class for The Compass - not to be missed!

Elliot Costello's Master Class for The Compass - not to be missed!

Our first Master Class is on Monday, September 7 at 5:30pm. We have the great pleasure of hosting Elliot Costello, CEO and Co-Founder of YGAP at LAB-14. Elliot will discuss Innovative Solutions to Poverty and reference the many activities YGAP is involved with – from running award-winning social enterprise restaurants to managing a global community of impact entrepreneurs and growing emotive campaigns. He truly is a force in the social entrepreneurship scene and a fantastic speaker. Get tickets and invite friends!