Re-watch the stories told and advice imparted from Melbourne's (and the world's) very best social impact leaders.

Visionary Series

Beyond Social Entrepreneurship: From Niche to Mainstream

With Pamela Hartigan

Dr Pamela Hartigan, pioneering entrepreneurial thought leader and practitioner, currently Executive Director of the Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurship at the University of Oxford and co-founder of Volans, launched the Compass Visionary Series at the University of Melbourne.

She shared an edgy, controversial view on the limits of social entrepreneurship and discusses efforts to embed entrepreneurial thinking for social impact wherever our career paths lead us.

Defining the New Social Impact Leader

TIM Costello and ELLIOT COSTELLO in conversation with Jan Owen

Father and son Tim Costello, CEO of humanitarian aid organisation World Vision and Elliot Costello CEO of social impact incubator YGAP featured at the second Compass Visionary Series with Jan Owen, CEO of Foundation for Young Australians as moderator.

Their family life and chosen fields have shaped unique perspectives of: the future’s most pressing issues; the systems that are ready for disruption; the new ventures that will catalyse change and most importantly, what we can all do today to empower the social impact leaders of tomorrow.

Brands of the Future

Chris Tucker, Sarah Jensen and Wells Trenfield in conversation with Alicia Darvall

For our final Visionary Series of 2016, Alicia Darvall from B Lab Australia & New Zealand introduced us to a few rockstar founders behind Australia's emerging brands: Chris Tucker from Kooks Wines, Sarah Jensen from TOM Organic and Wells Trenfield from Jasper Coffee.

They discussed what will brands might do to drive societal change into the future? The new economy will be driven by businesses who do good and who build influential brands that inspire us to act for the good of people and the planet.


A New Breed of Business: The Australian #Socent


Curious about how the social enterprise industry gained momentum in Australia? Mark Daniels, Head of Market and Sector Development at Social Traders will kick off the first Compass Master Class of 2016.

Business Models for Impact



How far have you got with your social startup idea - ready to put it on paper? The Business Model Canvas will quickly get you thinking about revenue, costing, channel partners, value proposition and those all important customers.

So You Want to Change the World (A Fireside Chat)

WITH DAVE CHUNG, Shelley Meagher AND Steve Kounnas

Hear from three up and coming startup founders who use their ventures to address big societal and environmental problems. 

 Dave, CEO, Limbr; Steve, COO, Phoria; Shelley, CEO, Do It On The Roof.

Staying True To Your Social Impact

with Grace McQuilten

Social startups often suffer from mission drift - as they race to attain financial sustainability, their plans for social impact often shift or even worse, take a back seat. Find out how to avoid it.

To Profit or Not to Profit?

with Joel Cranshaw

Starting a social impact venture? Will it be for-profit or not-for-profit? The jury is still out on what legal structure works best when establishing a venture of this type and how it might affect future investment. 

Investing in Change


with Daniel Madhavan

Impact investment is the latest financial movement for good. This growing industry is looking for the next big thing, with a financial and social return. Learn what it will take to access this type of funding as you scale.

Innovative Solutions to Poverty

with Elliot Costello

Elliot discusses how and why YGAP have chosen to go against the grain and find innovative and scaleable solutions to poverty.

The Business of Doing Good

with Simon Griffiths

Amazing things can be done with toilet paper and beer!

Who Gives A Crap and Shebeen are the brainchildren of CEO Simon Griffiths and they are transforming Melbourne...

Why Tech is Key to Development


The relationship between technology and social innovation is complex. Which one drives the other?

Social enterprise Pollinate Energy have got the balance right – growing to impact thousands of Indian communities each month.

Social Enterprise in Action

Our Academic Director, Dr Ben Neville has been busy in Melbourne chatting with social entrepreneurs who are working tirelessly to leave a positive mark on Australia's at-risk youth and new migrant communities. Check out these videos below and find out more about the companies and projects who are transforming Melbourne.

Kere Kere Community Cafe

KereKere is a coffee shop that seeks to celebrate a community of reciprocity by doing small things with great care. On a daily basis KereKere provides an opportunity for customers to help in the distribution of monthly $500 contributions to initiatives that celebrate community.

Asylum Seekers Resource Centre's Food Justice Truck

The Food Justice Truck (FJT) is an award-winning, mobile fresh food market that enhances food security for people seeking asylum in the Victorian community by offering locally sourced produce, grains, legumes, tea and bread at a 75% discount to people seeking asylum. They also offer produce at local market rates to the general public.